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Nazizi reveals struggles of providing shelter for her children

Rapper Nazizi has revealed her struggles in providing a shelter for her children, a task which she says has made her have to make numerous sacrifices.

Speaking to Nairobi News on phone, the mother of two lamented on how before moving into her house she would experience episodes of anxiety of not being able to pay rent and being vacated by her landlord.

She says that is the reason why two years ago she embarked on a journey of building her house. The project was financially draining to a point where she had to move into the half-finished house that had no electricity or tiled floor.

“I have learned not to put a lot of pressure on myself, if I set out to do something and it takes longer than expected then it’s fine. If it is going to take me one year to finish one room then its fine, because at the end of the day no one is going to hustle me for rent, no one is making you feel that anytime you can be kicked out and you are not going to be able to have a roof over your children’s head. It is quite scary, I have been in that position before and I know what it feels when you have kids and you are not able to pay rent,” Nazizi said.

“A lot of people think that you just wake up and everything is set without putting in the hard work or without making sacrifices. People only see the glitz; very few know the story. I am a very private person that is why I never shared the hard parts of my life. But I have gone through so much. I moved my family from the rented house we were living in, where everything was working, we had electricity, running water, to a house that was barely a home,” she said.

She then went ahead to give notice at her rented house to move into the unfinished house.

“They are three houses in one compound and my plan was to first fix the small house so that my family and I can move in, and then later on work on the others. I gave my notice and I moved my family from a house where it had functioning systems to a house that had nothing,” Nazizi said.

For six months she and her family stayed in the house without electricity as she planned herself financially to get the house connected.

“Not that KPLC took six months to do the connection but it was the cost for me. In my head I thought the connection would cost something like Sh30,000 only for me to get my quote which came to Sh200,000 plus. And people around me expect that because I am a celebrity I should be having that kind of money or even more My son was in utter shock, because we moved into this suburb where everyone has electricity except us. But I am glad he got to witness that sometimes in life there are some struggles,” she said.

Nazizi said she can now breathe easy after completing the construction and knowing that her family is secured.