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Nazizi shares her son Jazeel’s inspiring journey through hearing challenges

Kenyan singer Nazizi Hirji has shared the remarkable journey of her son Jazeel through hearing challenges, diagnosis and his path to recovery.

In an Instagram post, Nazizi detailed the struggles and emotional rollercoaster that she and her son have gone through.

She recounted how she first noticed signs of her son’s hearing difficulties around the age of 11 months.

However, Jazeel would respond to loud sounds, making it challenging to ascertain the extent of his hearing loss.

“They say parents always know. I noticed at about 11 months that our precious Jaz was having challenges with his hearing. Because he could hear loud sounds, it was a bit confusing whether he could hear or not,” Nazizi recounted.

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She said conducting a hearing test was an obstacle due to Jazeel’s light sleep and insufficient information on how to facilitate the test.

Thankfully, they got a breakthrough in February 2023, when Jazeel underwent a hearing test at Nairobi Audiology.

Jazeel was fitted with hearing aids to assist him with environmental sounds. However, his hearing was not yet sufficient for speech development.

It’s around that time that the family learned about cochlear implant surgery, a procedure recommended before the age of 3 for optimal outcomes.

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But there was a dilemma because Jazeel was nearing his third birthday. On August 3, 2023, Jazeel underwent the life-changing Cochlear Implant Surgery.

“The hardest decision we ever made as parents, and I can’t tell you what an emotional rollercoaster it’s been,” admitted Nazizi, who is immensely proud of her son for facing formidable challenges.

Nazizi said she shared her son’s story to give solace to parents going through similar experiences. She plans to document Jazeel’s hearing and speech progress on his dedicated social media page.

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