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UPDATE: Moses Kuria off the hook over hate speech

Combative Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria could be off the hook after agreeing to issue public apologies over hate messages he posted on his Facebook account against a Kenyan community in 2014.

Mr Kuria, at a conciliatory meeting steered by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and Law Society of Kenya, said he would put out an advertisements in two local dailies and use other forums to apologize to the offended community and Kenyans in general.


Mr Kuria is facing charges of spreading hate on social media but the court last week allowed NCIC to explore an out of court settlement with the legislator.

The verdict of the Monday meeting will be presented to the court for further directions.

The NCIC Act allows the commission to first explore the option of public apology with courts as the last option.

After the verdict, Mr Kuria said he expects other politicians from the opposition to stop peddling hate speech.

“Let us not burn down our country using 40 keys on the keyboard (referring to computer), guns, arrows,” he said.


“Ceasefire cannot be unilateral but bilateral. Let everyone stop and I will stop too, but when an action is done a reaction is expected.”

But questions abound on what appears to be selective application of the law on cyberspace hate speech.

Earlier this month, blogger “Lieutenant” Alan Wadi was jailed for was sentenced to a year in jail for insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta on social media.

Mr Wadi must also pay a fine of Sh200,000 or serve a second year.