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Ndii excites Twitter with brilliant response to tweep who called him ‘useless blogger’

By NAIRA HABIB February 6th, 2018 2 min read

A response by economist and Nasa strategist David Ndii to an online user who called him out saying he is an ‘irritant’ and ‘useless blogger’ has excited the online community.

The tweep, by the name Eric Kobia, was among Kenyans on Twitter who were reacting to the government’s move to suspend Ndii’s passport.

In his tweet addressed Mr Ndii he wrote: “An economist turned to an irritant & a useless blogger in @DavidNdii. I bet one day you’ll to say sorry to @UKenyatta. You think he can engage you now, wait past 2022.@RailaOdinga will be nowhere to rescue you. Please screenshot this tweet for reference.”

And in response Mr Ndii politely asked the man to mind his manners and not to interfere in matters that are not of his concern.

“Kijana mind your manners. @Ukenyatta is my riika. If he takes issue, he knows where and how to raise it. Now go and suckle,” responded Mr Ndii.

Mr Ndii’s rejoinder did not go unnoticed by Kenyans on Twitter.