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Need life tips? Here are the 9 top Kenyan influencers to follow

By Winnie Mabel November 25th, 2022 3 min read

We love to hate on some of them, claiming they are famous and earning money for being popular on social media but there are a handful of them in various spheres actually imparting life hacks that I found to be useful.

Without further ado, here are the top nine Kenyan influencers I would recommend you pay some attention to when you’re trying to unwind from making your own money first:

1. Money Matters – You might want to follow Just Ivy especially on Instagram ( . She is a self confessed money lover who thirsts for and educates her followers on money matters. This includes knowing how money can work for a person and is also an advocate for people to have knowledge on financial literacy to make informed decisions in terms of spending, investing and savings. This writer learnt about the importance of Money Market Funds and sinking fund accounts especially from Just Ivy’s Instagram stories.

2. Homemaking – The number one go-to person on homemaking must be Suzy’s Homestead ( . Suzy is that homely person who will teach you how to cook homemade food instead of depending on takeouts, will teach you about money saving life hacks such as making your own soap and butter among other things, will teach you how to handle multiple children’s needs and how to go about homeschooling as she and her husband do for their four children.

3. Cooking – And when you can’t quite hack a recipe that Suzy from Suzy’s Homestead has done, Chef Raphael is the top Chef to turn to for quick learning ( . He posts the most delicious recipes online as well as photo and video tutorials on how to go about it. Not to brag, but this writer learned how to make Swahili pilau, American style pancakes and samosas from Chef Raphael. Thanks, Chef, in case you see this.

4. Motor vehicles – Carnversations is the YouTube page to follow ( Here, you are set to gain knowledge on various types of motor vehicles, which cars are best suited to which needs, value for money, which vehicles to avoid purchasing and how to fix some cars. It’s a carnversation!

5. Travel and adventure – If you have a wandering spirit but not the pocket to match, then pack your bundles because Afrikan Traveller will take you with him on his latest adventure ( . He uploads YouTube content where he drives to various locations around Kenya, does street drives so that viewers can see the scenery, goes on educational adventures to also inform his audiences and when he’s not being wanderous, he’s showing us how amazing he and his wife are as a young couple out to conquer the YouTube space with captivating content.

6. Adjusting to life in rural Kenya – If by happenstance your spell as a city resident comes to an end and you find that you have to live in rural Kenya, then Mekenze in Kenya ( is the influencer to follow on how to adjust to new ways of life, how to find the silver lining in an environment often stereotyped as slow and boring as well as how to grow your own food, rare animals for consumption and commercial purposes and finding ways to make rural living interesting.

7. Interior Décor – If you have a home or a hospitality business but don’t know how to go about accentuating your spaces and bringing out the best look for your house, then tips from Agatha Nkirote ( and Yvonne Kendi ( will definitely come in handy. They both have YouTube pages where they show followers how to best pick interior décor material, where to buy good products for this and how to design your spaces to make them look homely and luxurious at the same time.

8. Shopping – But if you find you won’t have the time to buy the things Agatha and Yvonne recommend, you can always seek out Nairobi Shopper ( who will troop to all locations you send her to and buy these products or services for you- all at a fee. Her services come in handy especially if you work at a 9-5 job, have to contend with traffic and don’t know the best places to find great items at pocket friendly prices. Check her out on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed.