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Why you need to mount a camera on your dashboard – VIDEO

A motorist’s dashboard camera saved her from trouble after it recorded an opportunist in a freak accident.

The video obtained from the dashcam was shared online emphasizing the need for such an equipment.

The female motorist drives through what looks like a residential area and a motorcyclist appears from her left side as if to join the road.

The rider however starts reversing towards the oncoming car but the driver stops just moments before the cyclist throws himself on the bonnet.


The female driver can be heard exclaiming just before she gets out of the car and scorns the rider while pointing at her dashboard.

The rider and a friend who joins him in the argument escape as the woman makes a phone call.

The video that was uploaded early this year has been shared by over 300,000 users with all of them urging motorists to invest in dashcams.

Normal Chinese manufactured dashcams retail at Sh5,000 to 20,000 depending on features like the resolution and night vision.


According to Luie Moshe of Mag Performance Garage in Nairobi, motorists who have invested in dashcams have evidence whenever they deal with any legal matters.

“They help especially with insurance and police cases. They are also used in motorsports like for recording time lapse during a competition,” he added.

Here is the dashcam video that saved the female motorist.