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Neighbours discover lifeless body found in Kasarani rented house

Police in Kasarani Sub-county are investigating an incident where a man allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in his rented house.

Mr Samuel Mwangi, died of suicide, and police officers were alerted by locals who rushed to the scene only to find his body dangling from the roof.

According to Ibrahim Kamau, a neighbour, Mr Mwangi was last seen going into his house and never coming out.

“We were worried because we saw him enter the house but we never saw him leave and this was the second day,” Mr Kamau said.

Another neighbour, Ms Damaris Kemunto, said Mr Mwangi was always jovial but in recent weeks he seemed stressed.

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Mrs Kemunto said: “I had noticed that his mood had changed and wondered what could be the problem.

He said they then decided to look into his home and saw his body dangling from the roof with a wire around his neck.

In addition, the officers said they went to his place of work, where he used to run a drinking den, and were informed that his moods had changed in the recent past.

Mr Mwangi’s body was taken to the morgue for an autopsy.

This comes just a day after the body of a man was found on his bed by his family.

In a report seen by Nairobi News, Mrs Jerusa Amoit Wanyonyi went to Muthangari police station where she reported that her husband, identified as Mr Godwin Wanyonyi, had died at Kawangware Area Two bus terminus.

“Police officers rushed to the scene and found the body of Mr Godwin Wanyonyi, 67, lying face up on his bed in a one-room rented house,” the report read in part.

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