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Nelly and Ashanti’s on-and-off relationship culminates in expecting first child

American rapper Nelly and RnB singer Ashanti are expecting their first child together, marking a significant moment after their turbulent relationship journey. The couple’s history spans nearly two decades, characterized by breakups, reconciliations, and public statements about their status.

Their story began in 2003 when they first met at the Grammy Awards announcement event. Despite initial jest, their relationship blossomed, leading to public appearances, a collaborative music video, and various confirmations and denials about their status.

Over the years, their relationship encountered multiple challenges, with both acknowledging trust issues and personal growth in separate interviews. They parted ways officially in 2015, only to surprise fans by reuniting unexpectedly at the 2021 Verzuz event. Since then, they’ve had intermittent appearances together, sparking speculation about a possible reconciliation.

Their journey back together became evident in late 2022, marked by joint performances and positive comments from both parties, indicating a newfound harmony. Their public appearances continued, culminating in an official confirmation of their reunion in September 2023.

Nelly expressed admiration and love for Ashanti on various occasions, notably dedicating heartfelt messages and surprising her with thoughtful gestures, like a birthday necklace tribute.

Now, amidst their confirmed reconciliation, the couple’s latest milestone involves the joyous anticipation of welcoming their first child together, solidifying a new chapter in their tumultuous yet enduring love story.

In December 2021, Nelly ended his 7-year-long relationship, and it was only after a few days that his then-girlfriend, Shantel Jackson (now ex), came out to speak about what had transpired between them leading to the tumultuous breakup

Shantel appeared on ‘The Real’, and said their split was a mutual decision.

“My ex and I didn’t end on bad terms,” she said. “When we started our relationship, I was always on the road with him—traveling out of the country, going to concerts, all that good stuff. But then, when it came to a point where I was home more often, building my company Shoe Gummi or just working on my brand, […] we started to grow apart.”

She said with the breakup they’d decided to take time and reflect on if they would eventually get back together.

“I feel like we must take the time just to do it,” she said. “Personally, I feel like it’s important for me because if our relationship is gonna come back, it’s gonna come back. If this break is going to stop that, then it’s kind of inevitable, if that makes sense.”