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Nema: Poor disposal of face masks, gloves will spread Covid-19

The National Environment Management Authority has raised concerns over the poor disposal of face masks and gloves being used by members of the public to protect themselves from coronavirus.

This follows a directive by the government for all Kenyans to obtain masks in order to contain the spread of the Covid-10 in the country.

Nema said the poor disposal of the masks and gloves poses the danger of increasing the spread of the virus instead of stopping it.

The authority said the they are hazardous medical wastes and need to be carefully disposed off through incineration to be effective.

“The PS appealed to the public to properly dispose the face masks and gloves being used to prevent contacting the coronavirus as they were hazardous medical waste that need to be carefully disposed by incineration to prevent spreading the virus,” tweeted Nema.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on April 2, urged Kenyans to wear face masks outdoors, especially when going to shops and supermarkets and when using public transportation.

He indicated that the masks manufactured in the country will be readily available to the members of the public through their chiefs.

However, for those who would not have been able to acquire them, they will be available for sale in shops at an affordable price.