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Nepotism claims in hiring of traffic marshals

By JUSTUS WANGA January 26th, 2014 2 min read

The competence of recently recruited traffic marshals has come into question after claims of nepotism.

Nominated County Representatives have alleged that County Hall officials handed their cronies and relatives positions without considering their qualifications.

The accusations came as the infighting between elected and nominated ward representatives over plans to establish a ward development kitty intensified.

The latter wants to be allocated a portion of the fund, but their counterparts have vowed to pass a Bill that will effectively lock them out.

Some residents have criticised the marshals saying they were not any different from the former council askaris.

Yesterday, the County Representatives complained that most of them were denied a chance to forward names of their people.

A female leader who spoke in confidence as she feared being suspended from the House, claimed most of their elected colleagues were allowed three slots each.

“The recruitment was wrought with corruption. Those elected leaders close to the executive were each given three slots while those of us without such connections were only granted  a slot,” she said

Others like Ms Asha Abdi claimed there was an attempt to reduce them to mere flower girls on the floor of the House.

“We are finding it hard to cope. No one wants to consider our views  and despite our plea to be given a portion of the  kitty so that we can also take care of our constituencies, they say we have no defined locations,” she said.

Karura Representative Kamau Thuo admitted that questions had been raised over the manner the marshals were recruited.

“It is true that people are asking questions over how these people were recruited; whether the process was above board. They could be right or wrong,” he said, reluctant to elaborate.

Efforts to get the executive committee member for Transport, Evans Ondieki to comment on the claims bore no fruits as his phone went unanswered.

Last year, Governor Evans Kidero said 300 marshals would be deployed on the roads to help in managing traffic flow as well as apprehend offenders.