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Netanyahu apologises for causing traffic mess in Nairobi – VIDEO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night apologized to Nairobians for causing a monster traffic snarl-up during his two-day stay in the city.

Nairobians were stuck in traffic for hours on Tuesday after police temporarily closed major roads in the city to allow for Mr Netanyahu’s movement.

The roads that were closed included  Chiromo road, Uhuru Highway, Haile Sellasie Avenue, Parliament Road, Wabera Street, Langata road and State House Avenue.


The Israeli Premier on Tuesday night issued an apology to Nairobians, albeit a cheeky one, for the inconveniences caused by his two-day visit.

Speaking at State House, Nairobi, during a state banquet, Mr Netanyahu started off by joking how he could not understand why Nairobians were complaining of a traffic mess yet he had not noticed any.

He quickly added that Nairobians will have to wait, just as Israel had waited for decades for the visit to Kenya to materialise.

“If you say the word Kenya in Israel, as I told President Kenyatta a few minutes ago, it evokes an immediate positive feeling. And, I am sure that is true of the word Israel for many parts of Kenyan society until today, because I understand there is a traffic problem.

“Now, I have to tell you I don’t understand, we are driving through Nairobi there is no traffic problem,” he said amid giggles from the invited guests.


“But nonetheless, I am sorry that of the many pleasurable things that this visit evokes and good things, the things for good, to borrow President Kenyatta’s phrase, there is this inconvenience. So I apologise to the people of Kenya who have to wait, the people of Nairobi who have to wait in line, and I tell you that we too have waited decades for this visit, we are glad to be here,” he added as the crowd cheered.


Kenyans on social media had on Tuesday made biblical jokes on the heavy traffic with some even tagging the Premier’s twitter handle.

Wednesday morning also saw hundreds of Nairobians stuck in traffic along various city roads as the Premier ended his Kenya visit.