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Netflix drama: Bahati plans to release DNA tests for all his children

Musician Bahati Kioko has announced his intention to conduct DNA tests for all his children with Diana Marua.

This decision comes in response to several reports from blogs suggesting the need to verify his children’s paternity.

In one of the episodes of their reality show, The Bahati Empire, Bahati woke up stressed, prompting Diana to ask about his well-being.

“What time did you leave bed? Have you had breakfast? You woke up and did not talk to me. Are you okay?” she inquired.

Bahati revealed he had been thinking about issues brought up online by fans regarding the DNA of their children.

“I have been thinking about something. I have been seeing things on blogs, and so I have decided that I want a DNA test for all my kids,” he shared.

Diana assured Bahati that all was well and that such things would not break their relationship.

This announcement follows a past controversy in April 2018, when Bahati had to address rumours that he doubted the paternity of his first child with Diana.

The couple reportedly differed after Diana discovered Bahati hadn’t involved her in a paternity test.

However, they dismissed the rumours and even threatened legal action against the blog that published the story.

Bahati then clarified the situation, stating that the previous story was misreported.

He explained that the DNA test he conducted was for his firstborn daughter, Mueni, not Heaven.

“It was a past story of my firstborn daughter which happened. I think the writer who was doing the article mixed up the story about the kids, then Heaven ended up being affected,” Bahati said.

Bahati and Diana Marua have three children together.

A year later, Diana addressed the rumours once again.

“Is it true that Bahati asked for a DNA test to verify the paternity of his daughter?” an Instagram fan posed.

Diana said: “What bothers people? Someone can just sit down and cook up stories. I woke to ‘ooh Bahati ordered for a DNA’. Anyway we are still here Heaven is turning two and we are still striving as parents.”