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Netflix picks ups star-studded reality show featuring the Bahati family

Musician turned reality TV star Kevin Bahati has announced the official premiere of his new reality TV show, “The Bahati Empire.”

After a 24-hour clout-chasing campaign using cryptic messages about their relationship, Bahati revealed that the show will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 7, 2024.

“The Bahati Empire” will focus on Bahati and his family, featuring well-known personalities such as DJ Mo and his wife, Size 8, Senator Karen Nyamu, MP Jalang’o, Rev Lucy Natasha, Comedian Terence, and The Wa Jesus family, among others.

Bahati shared a trailer of the show, which has already generated significant buzz among fans.

In his announcement, Bahati proudly claimed the distinction of being the first Kenyan family to have a reality TV show on Netflix.

“We were the first Kenyan family to have a reality show on national TV (Being Bahati on NTV), and now we make history as the first Kenyan family to have a reality show on Netflix. All glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ,” Bahati shared.

The musician expressed his excitement and gratitude, stating, “It’s official! The first Kenyan/East African reality show on Netflix is #TheBahatiEmpire, which premieres on Friday, 7th June 2024… Oh yes, I know you all had missed us on TV.”

Bahati emphasised that the show will be an unscripted portrayal of their lives, promising viewers a raw and genuine look into their world.

“The King & Queen of Reality are back, and it’s time for us to answer all your rumors as we share with the world our dirty, clean, sad, and happy moments! This is unscripted… this is the best reality Kenya has seen… just trust me! See y’all on Netflix this Friday,” he added.

Being Bahati:

The show initially aired as ‘Being Bahati’ before being renamed ‘Bahati Reality’, documenting the couple’s day-to-day lives and offering fans an inside look at their lavish family and lifestyle.

It was aired on NTV.

However, the show was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the hiatus, ‘Bahati Reality Show’ received a nomination at the 2018 Kalasha Awards just three months after its debut.

In March 2023, the couple, Bahati and Diana said they were determined to make history with a new reality show.

“Right now, we are creating a serious banger, and you never know, maybe this will be the first East African reality show on Netflix,” Bahati said.

Diana added that the new season will focus on family, showcasing their lives, values, and what they stand for, including the virtues of family and lifestyle.

“It’s going to be the best family reality show in Africa,” Bahati said.

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