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Netflix shares Squid Game success

Netflix has admitted that Squid Game is the biggest series launch it has ever had.

This comes after it disclosed that the Squid Game series had so far reached 111 million fans.

Squid Game is a Korean-based series whose main character is Seon Gi-Hun.

Gi-Hun got into the game due to lack of money while his debts were accumulating by the day and the creditors were giving him sleepless nights.

Squid Game has 456 players who contest in its games in order to win 45 billion South Korean won.

It comes as a solution for the 456 contestants who are grappling with increased debts and harassment from their creditors.

Additionally, it offers the players a fair opportunity something that is not offered in the real world.

However, the odds of survival are not friendly to anyone as those who fail to succeed at every level are eliminated. In season 1, Squid Game has nine episodes and six games namely; Red light, Greenlight, Marbles, The glass stepping stones, Dalgona candy, the midnight fight, and the squid game.

Out of the 456 players, only 2 players remain to play Squid Game. Gi-Hun the 456th player becomes the winner after the contested fight with player 067 Cho Sang-woo. Although Gi-Hun wanted to call it quits since it is allowed for contestants to quit the game if the majority voted against it, Cho Sang-woo commits murder.

However, even though Gi-Hun won the Squid Game and 45 billion South Korean won is deposited in his bank account, he is not a happy man. Upon getting home, he finds that his ailing mother had already passed away.

The torture of the game does not emancipates his mind. Betrayal, disloyalty, inhumane deeds, and selfishness are the characteristics of most of the players each one of them trying to do what is best to survive.

Squid Game has been directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk and was released in September 2021.