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Netizens amused by request to Indians to ‘hug cows’ on Valentines Day

By Winnie Onyando February 10th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyans on various social media platforms have shared their views to a request made by the Indian government for its citizens to celebrate Valentines Day by hugging cows.

This after the Animal Welfare Board of India in letter appealed to the citizens to mark Valentine’s Day this year not as a celebration of romance but as “Cow Hug Day” to better promote Hindu values.

In the letter dated February 6, 2023 said hugging cows on Valentines Day will bring emotional richness and increase individual and collective happiness.

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“Therefore, all the cow lovers may also celebrate the February 14 (sic) as a Cow Hug day keeping in mind the importance of norther cow and make life happy and full of positive energy,” the letter reads in part.

The letter also states that the cow is the backbone of the Indian culture and rural economy and that it sustains their life while representing cattle wealth and biodiversity.

While the hugging cows is acceptable in India, public display of affection such as kissing is frowned upon.

In recent years, some groups in India have been chasing people from shops in cities, burning cards and gifts and kicking out hand-holding couples from restaurants and parks, saying Valentine’s Day promotes promiscuity.

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On the other hand, various political parties have been condemning Valentine’s Day as an unwelcome influence of Western culture on India. Some also consider this a scam by corporations for their economic gain.

Members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal have also been known to throw rotten tomatoes at couples celebrating Valentine.

In 2012, self-proclaimed religious leader, Asaram, who is currently serving a life imprisonment for raping a minor girl, said that 14 February should be observed as “Parents Worship Day”. He said instead of protesting against Valentine’s Day and causing law and order problems, youth should be given an alternative.

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In 2015, the state of Chhattisgarh officially declared 14 February every year to be Parents’ Day or Matru-Pitru Divas.

But here in Kenya, Valentine’s Day is a big deal among lovers. It is the day lovers celebrate one another, buying flowers and exchanging gifts to affirm their love for each other.

Here are a few reactions on Twitter to the Cow Hug Day in India: