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Netizens applauds Ruto’s economic advisor for rejecting lies and corruption

By Freya Wanjiku November 28th, 2023 2 min read

David Ndii, the economic advisor to President William Ruto, has won praise from the online community for openly declaring his refusal to endorse or be associated with lies, corruption, and disrespecting Kenyans.

“Three things I will not be party to, defend, or take collective responsibility for. Lies, and taking the public for fools, corruption, and vomiting on the peoples’ shoes,” Ndii wrote on X.

His comments come in the wake of widespread criticism directed at President Ruto, who seemed to suggest that the heavy rains that are currently being experienced are God’s answer to his prayers.

These rains have led to loss of lives, and extensive damage to property, leaving many Kenyans homeless, with several areas being completely marooned.

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Online, Ndii’s remarks drew applauses.

“A windy day is coming….,” wrote Eve Maina.

“When it rains it pours,” said Cornelius Ronoh.

“When you’ve been an activist, conscience can never let you go. You can muscle it for a while but it will haunt you. Stay on the straight and narrow… if you can. It’s looking wild and B-A-D,” wrote Benji Ndolo.

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“Absolutely agree! Standing firm against lies, corruption, and any form of disrespect to the public is crucial for a responsible and accountable society. Please advise your boss to be more realistic in his promises. Wakenya tumechoshwa na hizo uongo zake,” said Albert Smart.

“Resign! Resign! You’ll be a hero,” proposed Brian Mutiga.

“This position is welcomed. Now go the extra mile Daktari and confirm to us what we already know that liar in chief and taker of public for fools is none other than the President himself. While at it, it would be good to corroborate what is in the public domain that there is significant corruption in this government. Thank you!” said Anwar Saddat.

“Karibu opposition na utulie upangwe,” Alinur Mohammed commented.