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Netizens implore Jeff Mwathi’s mum to take her late son’s girlfriend to Qatar

The online community is pleading with Jeff Mwathi’s mother, Ann Mwathi to go back to Qatar with her late son’s girlfriend Faith Wairimu.

The mother has consistently been posting videos of herself and Faith.

Now the online community is urging her to take Faith as her own daughter and not leave her for she is devastated by the loss of her boyfriend.

Further, they observed that when young men are dating, they look for women who look like their mothers.

Since Jeff’s death Faith has struck a close bond with her late boyfriend’s mum.

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Here are some of the comments:

“Wow she had true love for Jeff….please go with her to Qatar,” said Sherow Divah.

“Jeff was looking for her mum in a girlfriend,” wrote Wamuyu Maina.

“You look like sisters,” penned Mary Mwangi.

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“Please be strong even though it is not easy but Jeff’s soul will not rest until he gets justice,” said Ann Michael.

“Mum please do not leave her in Kenya….go back with her,” wrote Hellen Dorris.

“Be blessed mom for your love and support for your daughter-in-law….please hold her and may God give you strength,” penned Millan Shee.

“It’s emotional…the girl really loved your son Jeff,” said Nana.


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Jeff, a 23-year-old interior designer, died under puzzling circumstances after visiting popular Kikuyu Mugithi singer DJ Fatxo’s apartment.

Detectives are seeking to establish events that led to his death after it was reported that he fell off the artiste’s 10th floor apartment.

Online Kenyans have been demanding speedy investigations into the puzzling death, while calling for justice.

Meanwhile, DJ Fatxo, despite issuing conflicting reports, has maintained that he had nothing to do with Jeff’s death.