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Never again! – Chebet Ronoh narrates dreadful experience with nicotine pouch

Content creator Chebet Ronoh has shared a horrifying experience she had after trying VELO for the first time, claiming it was a near-death experience.

VELO is a kind of pouch containing nicotine and premium ingredients that you place under your upper lip. While the VELO is in place, the nicotine is released and absorbed.

In a TikTok video, the radio personality told her story, saying that she’d been waiting a long time to talk about the truth that many people don’t want to face about the laxative now known as VELO, formerly known as LYFT.

“Oh, I have been waiting for the day when I could talk about this laxative. VELO makes you do 55 on a 50 in the washroom, and if we’re being honest, this thing is quite subjective because there are people who do great. I just needed one experience with this thing to know that it would never happen again,” Ronoh began.

The funny woman, known for her bold and opinionated personality, went on to share the finer details of how the drug affected her in a way that she described as a terrifying experience that only made her anxiety worse.

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“It attacked me in a funny way. I’d be standing and then slowly the strength in my feet would just go, my temperature would go up and I’d be told to just keep it in my mouth and I felt like I was going to die. Stage two started, the bowel movement. I felt like shitting again, which I can’t explain, and then you get so anxious, I’m like, how is this fun? Personally, I’m anxious, so no, I’m not having a good time,” she said.

After a not-so-successful first attempt at using the nicotine patch, Ronoh went on to reveal that she gave the laxative a second shot, hoping for a different experience, only to be met with the same reality.

“The second time I tried it, I said let me take some and then go ride a bike. I have made a lot of stupid decisions, but that must have been the stupidest. Did your heart ever tell you ‘simama ama nisimame’, a girl was sweating,” she said.

The former Homeboyz radio presenter said she would never take the nicotine pouch again as she had only had one bad experience with it, adding cigarettes to the list.

“Afadhali munimalize, I am not doing this thing. You can prosecute me, but I am not doing this. This and cigarettes, they’re at the bottom of the barrel for me,” she said.

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