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I have never fallen sick for 31 years – Museveni

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni last week declared that he has not fallen sick for all the time he has been in power.

“Have you ever heard that Museveni has fallen sick and my legs hanged in hospital, for the last 31 years? This is because I observe some of these health tips [practices] which have eventually helped me to prevent some of these diseases. Many of the diseases are preventable,” Mr Museveni said.

The President made the remarks in Budaka District during the historical official launch of the Lugwere Bible last Saturday at a highly-billed function at Budaka Ssaza grounds.

President Museveni asked the people to observe health practices at home.


“Most diseases that overwhelm these hospitals and health centres can be prevented if the people can improve on their hygiene and sanitation, because 75 per cent of cases registered are preventable,” Mr Museveni said.

Mr Museveni noted that practices like carrying out immunisations, drinking clean safe water, hygiene and sanitation, good nutrition, desisting from over drinking of alcohol and also sleeping under treated mosquito nets could be some of the best practices to prevent diseases.

He however applauded the Budaka leadership for improving the health services at Budaka Health centre IV and said that he intends use it as an example to the rest of the districts.

Mr Museveni, before launching the Lugwere Bible, said that the initiative to promote local dialects like Lugwere is important and it’s the way to go in order to protect and preserve them.

“This is quite commendable” he said.


“I don’t understand the interests of people who have the intentions to kill other people’s culture than preserving it,” Mr Museveni said adding, “We need to continue tracing these cultures and also preserve them. Translating the Bible into Lugwere could be one of the ways to protect the disappearance of the language.”

The President also gave some money towards the work: “I didn’t know that the Bible involved heavy work and resources because I have come with a small envelope of Ushs20m but pledge to add another Ushs80m to accomplish the remaining works,” he said.

Mr Museveni also pledged to contribute Ushs100m towards the construction of Budaka Town council administration block.