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New CAS Zack Kinuthia hits the ground running with tough call to ‘prof’ – VIDEO

Newly appointed Education Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Zack Kinuthia seems to be taking his duties quite seriously with an unidentified professor at the ministry becoming his first casualty.

Mr Kinuthia was captured on camera engaging in a heated argument with the unidentified professor via the phone.

The two appeared not to be agreeing with each other regarding an Institution of Higher Education. Although the professor’s response is inaudible, he appears to make Mr Kinuthia even more incensed.

In fact, he disconnects the phone as the professor pleads his case.

“Have you handed over, have you handed over this college to him and then you do not know where he is, you haven’t handed over. Professor today I declare you a man of negligence a man who cannot perform an incompetent professor who is eating government money without a purpose. If you do not report to the ministry of Education on Monday consider yourself a man who is on his way out,” said Mr Kinuthia.

Reports indicate that Mr Kinuthia was angered by the fact that the Eastleigh Technical and Vocational College, which was built at a cost of Sh300 million, had not been in operation while its employees continue to draw salaries and the facility is maintained by the taxpayer.


The former SONU chairman was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta as the Chief Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Education in January this year.

His appointment and that of Nadia Abdalla as Chief Administrative Secretary for ICT and Youth Affairs were a big win for the youth in the Presidents reshuffle of his Cabinet.

Mr Kinuthia now works directly under Education CS George Magoha.