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New dad Juliani wants to die owning nothing

Award-winning rapper and social activist Juliani has revealed that his wish is to die owning nothing.

Juliani who recently welcomed a baby boy with his wife, Lilian Nganga feels strongly about his goal and even shared it with his wife, where they were dating.

“Mid 2021 when I first met my wife. I shared with her my goal of dying with nothing.

Nothing to my name, no possession, if possible to disappear on the horizon as if I was never here.

Like it was 38 years ago,” Juliani confessed all this in a long post on the LinkedIn platform.

Juliani with wife Lillian Nganga
Juliani with wife Lillian Nganga

Juliani documented all his achievements from closing off a street in the CBD for an album launch to being the first artiste to win prize money in an award.

He also has four albums with several hit songs.

Juliani documented his journey of self-discovery from 2015 to 2019 when he decided, that material things mean nothing to him.

He continued, “In 2015, I found myself on a plateau having achieved most of my dreams from a rapper in Dandora to a renowned artiste.
I felt, I was made for more. I had my daughter. Then at the same time founded Dandora HipHop City.”

When 2017 crawled in, he made his 10-year plan.

Branding the year as “monumental” and a phase where he underwent a “transition both as a person and as an artist, Juliani explained, “We are halfway in. Started, built, failed, tried, succeeded, failed again, succeeded.”

Adding that the period “redefined meanings in everything I do and it is not based on an overall interpretation of my surroundings and the world.”

The rapper famed for the hit Exponential Potential said that in 2022 he discovered that he was living in survival mode.

“I was in survival mode, using pain, poverty and all the things accepted as me to drive my passion (fossil fuel), to now freedom and full expression leading me (Circularity).”

He concluded his post with a toast to “the journey to nothingness.”