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New home for Mulamwah, from ghetto to Nairobi suburb

By Sammy Waweru February 22nd, 2024 2 min read

Comedian David Oyando, better known as Mulamwah, has recently made a significant move from a ghetto estate to an undisclosed suburb within Nairobi County.

In a heartfelt video, the content creator is captured locking the rear door of a truck transporting his household belongings.

Before the departure, he takes a moment to share the news.

“It is evident we are now relocating from the ghetto… Even you, you can move if you work hard,” Mulamwah encourages his audience.

This development comes just days after he and his girlfriend, Ruth K, welcomed a newborn baby into their lives.

As Mulamwah prepares to leave, he is approached by a fellow resident who expresses similar aspirations for leaving the ghetto behind someday.

“Even us, we will one day leave the ghetto,” the man says as he bids farewell to the comedian.

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The video briefly captures the entrance gate of Marura Primary School, not far from Mulamwah’s former residence.

A spot check by Nairobi News reveals Marura is a public primary school located in Kariobangi North, Embakasi North Constituency, Nairobi County.

Though Mulamwah has not disclosed his exact new location, he emphasises the importance of hard work in improving one’s circumstances, stating, “If you do not work hard, leaving here (referring to his previous refuge) is just difficult”.

In the video, Mulamwah reminisces about a local eatery where he used to satisfy his hunger before achieving success.

“We will one day do a tour here… Over there is ‘Mathe’s’ hotel where I used to take food, on our way out of the ghetto,” he shares.

With evident joy, Mulamwah arrives at his new home, revealing an aerial view of posh houses in the area. Apparently, he has rented an apartment in a multi-storey building.

Born on May 28, 1993, Mulamwah is a talented Kenyan comedian and content creator known for his unique comedic style, blending storytelling and skits.

He also has a child with actress Caroline Muthoni, popularly known as Carol Sonnie.

However, the two parted ways in 2021.