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Ask ERC, Kenya Power tells angry customers shocked by fewer tokens

Kenya Power on Wednesday went live with the new tariff after five hours of unavailable prepaid services to effect the new charges.

Kenyans were hopeful that the removal of fixed charges for all consumers would reduce the electricity bills.

Those using the prepaid service, commonly referred to as tokens, bought their units on Wednesday morning after services resumed.

The customers were however receiving lesser units for the same amount of money.

In the new tariff, the fixed charge of Sh150 was exempted but the price per unit increased.

For 10 to 10 kw, the price per unit increased from Sh2.50 to Sh12.00 and for 10kw to 50 kw the price increased from Sh2.50 to Sh15.80.

Enquiries on Kenya Power’s page were met with a standard response directing consumers to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for explanation on the new tariff.