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New lobby group launches campaign to have Mwendwa’s team thrown out of office

A group calling itself the Kenya Young Football Fans Caucus has launched a petition to world football governing body Fifa to dissolve the current Football Kenya Federation (FKF) regime and form an interim body to run Kenyan Football.

FKF elections have been stopped by the Sports Disputes Tribunal thrice now and it is still unclear when they will happen. This has left a vacuum that the group believes needs to be filled.

Below are the contents of the online petition on

“Since 1964 when Isaac Lugonzo founded the Kenya Football Association, a whopping 15 chairmen later, Kenyan football still deals with the same problems; corruption, poor infrastructure, poor pay and absolute disorganization,” reads the introduction of the petition,

“The change we seek for as the Kenya Young Football Fans Caucus is as listed below,”

1. The same brains that brought us these problems cannot be the same ones to get us out of them.

2. The Government of Kenya must act fairly and in accordance with established rules and laws at all times in dealings with Football Kenya Federation and involve all stakeholders (local and abroad) in finding a solution to the current football impasse.

3. An interim committee to be set up by FIFA, CAF and the Government of Kenya to run football affairs for 90 days as well as set up a new and fair election code and board that shall give a fair chance to all interested in running the game of Football in Kenya.

4. FIFA, CAF and the Government to set up a financial kitty to help support our players in the top 3 leagues (men and women) in the face of the COVID-19 that has rendered football unplayable.

5. That the Kenya Young Football Fans Caucus be enjoined in the setting up and running of the proposed Interim Committee that shall administrate football for 90 days in Kenya.

Former FKF President Sam Nyamweya, former Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga and immediate former Cecafa Secretary General Nicholas Musonye have expressed interest to unseat current federation boss Nick Mwendwa.