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New mother Milly Wa Jesus reveals plans to get baby number three

Barely a month after giving birth to her second child, YouTube content creator Milly Wa Jesus is already talking about her third child with her husband Kabi Wa Jesus.

However, Milly has explained that baby number three will have to wait a little longer.

“I love babies and big families am actually not done but now aki I need time to regroup,” she said on Instagram while responding to fan who had asked if she is thinking of having more babies.

The couple recently shared news of the arrival of their second child via Instagram.

“Baby is here and we can’t hold our joy. We are so happy guys to let you know that our princess is here,” the couple said.

Kabi wa Jesus expressed his gratitude to Milly for her perseverance throughout the pregnancy and for making him a father of two.

“Yaani this girl (Milly) has made me a father to a queen. I can’t wait to hug this little girl (his daughter) when she grows up. I can’t wait for us to become best friends,” Kabi said.

Kabi also revealed that the experience was totally different from what they went through during Milly’s second pregnancy. He said Milly was a little more intense when she first experienced her contractions.

The couple also said they recorded every step of their journey and will soon release the videos.

The two lovebirds are among the most sought-after celebrity couples who have been sharing couple goals online for years.