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New Nairobi con game: Cameraman lured into trap, drugged and robbed in strange house

By Nyaboga Kiage November 24th, 2022 3 min read

A camera person who runs a video and photo company has narrated how he lost his property which he used in the business, worth Sh200,000.

Mr Kennedy Olweny who resides in Zimmerman, told this reporter that he had been hired by an unidentified man who told him that he wanted him to take videos for his new YouTube channel along Mirema Drive, Roysambu Constituency in Nairobi County.

Kennedy Olweny's camera and equipment were stolen in Mirema.
Kennedy Olweny’s camera and equipment were stolen in Mirema.

The hiring took place on Friday, November 18, 2022, and he stayed in the house until the next morning.

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He took him to a building along Mirema Drive and welcomed him into a house where he first asked him to have a meal.

“I ate the food and all of a sudden fell unconscious, when I woke up my camera, phone and a laptop were all missing,” narrated Mr. Olweny.

The suspect had taken his victim to a rental house that had been turned into an Airbnb by the owner who Nairobi News has established is identified as Ms Sarah Kinyanjui. Ms Kinyanjui also runs a beauty, cosmetic and personal care business.

CCTV screengrabs of the man suspected of stealing Kennedy Olweny’s camera and equipment in Mirema.

According to him, when he gained consciousness, he found all the items missing, and the other man was nowhere to be found.

“I was shocked because I did not know which cause of action I would take as I did not even have a communication gadget to reach out to anyone,” he said.

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Mr Olweny then decided that all he would do was to be alert near the door and try to reach out to anyone in case he heard footsteps or someone speaking.

The following day, he had no option but retired to bed as he feared not taking any meals but survived on water.

“In the morning, the owner of the house arrived and knocked and it is then that I informed her what had happened,” narrated the victim.

CCTV screengrabs of the man suspected of stealing Kennedy Olweny’s camera and equipment in Mirema.

Ms Kinyanjui then went ahead and asked him to provide contacts of any relative as she looked for people to break the door and open it as the key was also missing.

Mr Olweny said that his brothers arrived in time and could not believe what he told them as it was a shocking incident.

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They then reported the matter at Zimmerman Police Station, which was recorded under OB number 08/19/11/22.

Nairobi News reached out to the owner of the Airbnb, who said that she usually does not register the name of her customers.

Asked why she was not doing so yet, the business was risky, and someone could commit a crime in the house, she answered saying, “Hivyo tuu.”

“I have also tried to help the man who lost his items by assisting them get a CCTV footage from the premises,” she said.

CCTV screengrabs of the man suspected of stealing Kennedy Olweny’s camera and equipment in Mirema.

Asked how the suspect booked the house, she said that the person reached her through WhatsApp using a mobile phone number that had since been switched off.

Ms Kinyanjui seemed not to understand the law of running an Airbnb business as she appeared clueless about Kenyan law.

She said that she only knew that once one was registered in the Airbnb application, that was enough to be in the business.

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According to the Kenyan Law under the Tourism Act 2011 and the Kenya Tourism Regulatory Authority (KTRA) regulations 2014, all business people must be licensed by March 31, 2021.

The circular was issued according to the Fourth Schedule to the Tourism Authority Regulations, 2014, which designates serviced apartments, serviced flats, beach cottages, and holiday cottages, amongst others, as regulated tourism activities which need to be licensed on an annual basis.

It’s important to ensure you’re allowed to host on your property. Some examples of restrictions include contracts, laws, and community rules. You can use the general info in this article as a starting point around hosting regulations and permissions. Check with a lawyer or local authority to learn more about regulations, restrictions, and obligations specific to your circumstances.

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