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New plan to flush out terrorists in Eastleigh

Eastleigh residents have formed a team that will work closely with the State to clear the perception that the area was an haven for terrorists.

The group made of elders and religious leaders will work closely with government security agencies to provide security intelligence, according to Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan.

He said the idea was conceived during a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House on Friday.

Attack a church

“Residents will collaborate with different arms of government to ensure there is security in the area,” said Mr Hassan.

“Elders and religious leaders condemned terrorism. It is unacceptable to attack a church. It is not accepted in Islam,” he added.

The MP spoke when he visited one-year-old baby Satrin Osinya at the Kenyatta National Hospital, one of the latest victims of terrorism who has a bullet lodged in his head.

Mr Hassan, himself a victim of terrorism said the gun attack on the Likoni church where the child’s late mother had been worshipping was cowardly.

Incomplete recovery

“I condemn terrorism and the people behind it. It does not relate to me, my tribe or my religion. They should not continue to terrorise us,” said Mr Hassan.

In spite of his incomplete recovery, he vowed never to use the wheelchair he has had since his 2012 attack.

He was so adamant that he refused an attempt by his assistants and security personnel to bring his vehicle nearer to the entrance of KNH casualty wards so that he would cover a short distance of walking with the aid of his clutches.

Meanwhile baby Satrin is doing well at the hospital. The team of neurosurgeons caring for him will on Tuesday decide whether to remove the bullet in his skull or leave it.