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New play ‘Lwanda Rockman’ to bring legendary Luo warrior back to life

He is a hero to many and among those revered for standing out and defending his people from aggression by enemies.

Featuring prominently as a legend and a warrior, Lwanda Magere, who was believed to have superhuman strength, will be resurrected later in the month in a new play as Lwanda Rockman.

Luanda Magere is said to have led the Luo community in numerous victories against the neighbouring Nandi community until they finally found a way to kill him — they offered him a beautiful woman who, using her feminine wiles, deciphered the secret behind his strength.

“In the wake of his greatest conquests in the battlefield, the triumphant Lwanda Magere must face his biggest challenge yet when he has to choose between protecting his nation against its fiercest enemy and fighting for the love of his life,” part of the synopsis reads.

Lwanda Rockman is a production of Chatter Box and will play from 14th to 23rd June at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) and it promises to serve a mix of cultural and traditional heritage elements to address a flurry of themes head on, all wrapped in fun and witty humor as symbolic expositions of different aspects of our everyday life as a society and it will be a battle between a bitter rivalry between Lwanda Magere and his nemesis Konte.

Many believe that his downfall was because the woman’s true mission was to discover the secret of his strength. The trickery the Luo elders had suspected came into being. One day, Luanda Magere disclosed to his foreign wife that he would only die if his shadow was pierced by an arrow or spear.



To protect the source of his invincibility, he always fought in the evening or at night when there was no shadow to pierce. His wife revealed this secret to her people who then lured him to a daylight battle.

“After a thrilling victory in the battlefield, the ferocious Lwanda Magere finally cements his place as the greatest warrior who has ever lived. However, what seems to be a concluded victory in the flesh quickly transforms into a renewed battle of wit, heart, and soul,” the synopsis adds.

Ywaya Xavier will plays Lwanda, while Alison Nyawira comes in as Chichi, Konte will be played by Justin Mirichi with Enock Maseru as Commander.

Award winning Kenyan photographer Osbourne Macharia was tasked with bringing out the colorful artwork that will be featured by the cast as they will be dressed up in traditional regalia and body art.

According to Macharia, the project has been ongoing for weeks.

Apart from the colorful work by the Cannes Lions 2018 Jury Member, the play will also feature music by Shamsi Music and Blinky Bill.