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New research finds shocking risk for men with curved penises

Dear men, you should be really scared if you have a curved penis, at least bent more than what you would deem normal.

Men with a crooked penis are at a higher risk of contracting cancer, a new research has shown.

Researchers from Texas, United States, say that the gene responsible for penises with curvatures could be linked to development of tumours.

Previously, researchers from the University of Istanbul, estimated that the condition, known as Peyronie’s disease, affects up to seven percent of all men in the world.

The prevalence, the researchers emphasise, could actually be higher, owing to patients’ reluctance to report this embarrassing condition to their physicians.

The research that sampled 1.5 million men found that Peyronie’s increased the risk of testicular cancer by 40 per cent, melanoma by 29 per cent and stomach cancer by 40 per cent.

Men with bent packages are advised to go for regular screening for cancer to help detect any possible development of tumours early enough.