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New study uncovers the secret to happy marriages

Want to have a happy marriage? Boost sugar levels early in the morning and before going to bed.

Studies suggest that low levels of glucose in the blood may increase anger and aggression between spouses.

According to researchers, glucose provides the energy the brain needs to exercise self-control.

Foods rich in glucose include yoghurt, milk, cheese, dates fruits, bananas, grapes, apples and mangoes among other fruits.

Psychologist Brad Bushman of Ohio State University in Columbus conducted a study that was published in the Science journal to observe blood sugar levels among couples.

Along with other researchers from University of Kentucky and University of North Carolina, they issued 107 couples with blood glucose meters and monitored their reactions towards their spouses at the end of each day against their blood glucose levels.

Couples found to have low glucose levels in the evenings showed more aggressiveness and anger at their partners compared to those with high glucose levels.