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New UoN student leader talks about relations with Anne Waiguru

University of Nairobi Students Association president Ann Mwangi Mvurya has cleared the air on claims of possible blood relations with Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

Ms Mvurya’s striking resemblance to Governor Waiguru kick started online discussions on their possible relationship

But in an interview with Nairobi News, the student leaders declared that she is not in any way related to the governor, but is now curious to probe her ancestry further.

“We are not related but I will be meeting her soon to compare our ancestry now that people have raised the matter,” Mvurya told Nairobi News.

The 20 year-old said she was awed when she saw the congratulatory message posted by Governor Waiguru online.

“Before my win, it was just a University of Nairobi affair but now the conversation has drawn in the position of women leaders in the society. A congratulatory message from her was unexpected and I would love her mentorship because I admire her strength and resilience,” she said.

Mvurya said her zeal for leadership started early. She was  a head girl at Kings Academy Nakuru and held various leadership positions at Bahati Girls High School, Nakuru.

“I have always been a leader, I wanted to vie for this position last year but I was disqualified just because I was a first year but now that we are here I intent to focus on what the students want from us as leaders,” she said.


Among her first assignment is to tour the university’s 12 campuses and collect students’ views on changing the constitution to have students directly chose their chair as opposed to the current electoral colleges system.

“The current UNSA constitution has its good and bad. It gives an opportunity for all people to vie, giving variance in ethnicity and gender while on the other side it locks out good leaders on some flimsy reasons that lead to disqualification like my case last year where a first year is not allowed to vie. I will get the views of the students on what should change,” she said.

Mvurya became the first female president at the institution after garnering 24 votes out of a possible 36, with Samuel Ayoma, her closest rival, getting a paltry eight.