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New WhatsApp channel search feature simplifies the user experience

WhatsApp users can now enjoy a more streamlined experience when searching for channels, thanks to a new “search” feature introduced in the latest WhatsApp beta.

The update introduces filtered categories, allowing users to easily find channels related to business, entertainment, news and more.

The new feature is integrated into the search bar, allowing users to search for channels within their preferred categories.

Similar to the Meta AI search filter – which allows users to filter unread messages, photos, videos and documents – WhatsApp’s refined search tool categorises channels into seven different groups, helping users to efficiently narrow down their searches.

In addition to the improved channel search functionality, the WhatsApp Beta has revealed several other improvements in development.

These include a revamped drawing editor with new brushes and 24 preset colour palettes. A redesigned interface for voice calls has also been introduced, with easy-to-access buttons for muting and ending calls.

While Beta versions of WhatsApp often provide a glimpse of upcoming features, not all of them make it into the stable version of the app.

However, features that significantly improve the user experience, such as the new channel search tool, are likely to be implemented.

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