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Newly wed drama: Kamene and DJ Bonez open up about persistent ex-lover

Celebrity couple Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez have recently revealed their tumultuous and harrowing experiences with Kamene’s persistent ex-lover, who resorted to stalking them.

During a recent episode of the Kamene and Obinna podcast, the couple opened up about the distressing incidents they faced with Kamene’s persistent ex-boyfriend.

The couple recounted encounters where they had to involve security guards and the police to address the situation, both at their home and in public places.

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DJ Bonez and Kamene described an unsettling incident where Kamene’s ex-boyfriend showed up at their house after they returned from an outing.

The man persistently rang the doorbell, causing the couple to feel alarmed and irritated.

DJ Bonez was particularly frustrated by the ex-boyfriend’s behavior, it got so bad that even after seeking assistance from security guards in the apartment complex proved futile, the couple was left with no choice but to involve the police.

“The guards failed to calm the situation. The police had to be called. They had to go in, and they went up and took him out. He was saying he had come to visit his wife. Cops were asking, ‘Why wouldn’t your wife open the door if it’s your home?’ He said it’s not his house. It’s his wife’s. He was told not to enter,” Kamene revealed.

The couple also shared another disturbing incident that occurred in Mombasa.

Kamene’s ex-boyfriend approached them at a club where DJ Bonez was performing. The ex-boyfriend wanted to ‘meet’ Kamene’s new partner despite the breakup over a year prior.

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DJ Bonez says he called upon the club’s bouncers to remove the intruder from the premises.

The encounter left DJ Bonez feeling bothered by the ex-boyfriend’s persistent presence.

“He came and clapped his hands and said congratulations, ‘You have won.’ Good thing Mombasa is known for bouncers. I called the bouncers to take him out, and he was taken to the beach. He really bothered me,” Bonez expressed.

In response to these distressing incidents, DJ Bonez made it clear that he would never engage in a physical altercation over a woman.

He emphasized his self-respect and belief that a woman should be able to make her own choices.

He said that the only circumstances in which he would intervene to defend his partner would be if she faced harassment or a direct threat.

“I can’t fight for a woman. To be honest, I respect myself. Let the woman decide for herself what she wants,” DJ Bonez said.

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