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Neymar welcomes new, younger dad to the family

Neymar Junior, the world’s most expensive footballer, now has two fathers and one of them is six years younger than him.

This follows the decision by the Brazilian attacker’s mother, Nadine Goncalves, to announce that she is dating a 22-year old model.

Nadine split from Neymar’s biological father in 2016 after 25 years of marriage and has now settled down with 22-year-old Tiago Ramos.

At the weekend, Nadine laid it all bare, publishing a photo in which she was sharing a warm embrace with Ramos in her garden with the message; “The inexplicable cannot be explained. You live it.”

Ramos is a model who has in the past admitted to being a fan of the PSG forward. He has since received a boost after the star player ‘welcomed’ him to the family.

“Be happy mum, love you,” wrote Neymar.

Neymar cost the French club Sh20 billion in transfer fees two years ago and takes home Sh35 million each week.