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Ngilu: I’m ‘ready’ to become Raila’s running mate

By Mercy Simiyu February 16th, 2022 1 min read

Charity Ngilu says time is ripe for the country to have a woman Deputy President and the Kitui Governor says she is confident of handling that role effectively if offered a chance.

Ngilu also expressed confidence that Raila Odinga will succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto are locked in what analysts predict is a neck to neck race ahead of the August 2022 polls.

“It will be a good thing for women in Kenya if one of us is elected Deputy President,” she explained in an interview with Citizen TV.

“That will bring equality and some kind of fairness even though I’m privy to many things at play behind the scenes. If I’m offered the opportunity, I take it, even the presidency I will take it.”

“Raila Odinga is the country’s next President. I will be in this studio on August 10, God willing. Let’s compare notes, then.

Ngilu is among Odinga’s diehard supporters in the past few months and has also seized every opportunity to blast Deputy President William Ruto’s ideals and supposed shortcomings.

She is the first woman to contest for the presidency in Kenya, back in 1997, where she emerged fifth behind eventual winner Daniel Arap Moi.

An experienced woman in government circles, She’s also served Minister for Health, and Minister of Water and Irrigation during President Mwai Kibaki tenure.

She lost in the race to become Kitui Senator in 2013 but bounced back to win the area gubernatorial seat in 2017.