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‘Ng’ombe chokora’ turn Outer Ring Road into a cowshed – PHOTOS + VIDEO

Motorists along Outer Ring Road are now being forced to share the new state-of-the-art highway with cattle that are roaming and sleeping on the busy road without a herder.

The cattle are bluntly breaking road rules and regulations with utter malice, often straying into the middle of the road and camping there for hours as if staging a protest against motorists.

The herd is made up of eight to 15 cows grazing on the dumpsites, at times forfeiting green grass for rotten food leftovers from kiosks and mama mboga.

Residents of Embakasi are left in shock to find the unattended cows sleeping on the zebra crossing, creating traffic snarl ups as both motorists and pedestrians try to find space on the highway.

“Isn’t this a wonder of the world, cows without a herder roaming freely and turning our beautiful highway into their shed? The ministry of tourism should turn this road into a tourist attraction,” chided Edward Orioki, a resident of Pipeline Estate, in Embakasi.

The cows, however, seem to be streetwise, being able to differentiate between vehicles and the locomotive train plying the Eastlands route. When a train hoots from a distance as they are resting on the railway line, they scramble to safety -but remain unmoved whenever a motorist honks their vehicle.

Residents who have to risk their lives crossing the busy highway that lacks designated bus stops or footbridges are now calling on the Kenya Urban Roads Authority to restore sanity on the 13km highway.