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Nicah the Queen: 12 men have asked me to marry them since Dr Ofweneke separation

Talented stand-up comedian Dr Ofweneke’s ex-wife Nicah the Queen says men have been flocking towards her since she split with him.

In what she terms as a blessing in disguise, the gospel artist adds that she is spoilt for choice after local and international marriage proposals.

Making the revelation on her Instagram, Nicah while showcasing how her proposal to DJ Slahver went down claimed that in one of the proposals, a mother proposed to her on behalf of his son who was abroad.

Nicah is part of the cast of the new reality TV series β€˜Oh Sister’ on Maisha Magic and her proposal was aired in the series.

“Ever since my separation with Ofweneke I have received 12 marriage proposals locally and internationally and never was I ready till I met youπŸ˜œπŸ’• when you love God there are something’s you’ll never struggle with like getting genuine love😜 In one of the proposals a mother proposed to me on behalf of his son who was abroadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ How crazy was that!?”

Nicah parted ways with Dr Ofweneke over an alleged domestic abuse incident after the singer publicly accused her ex-husband of being a wife-batterer.

“People fall in love and it reaches a time, one overgrows the other and the happiness disappears because you don’t understand each other. So we fell out and we saw because we have kids together, the best thing is to go our separate ways but raise kids together,” she was quoted saying in July 2021.

She would begin dating DJ Slahver born Joseph Mwenda months after and according to Nicah born Veronicah Wanja, they have maintained celibacy from when they began dating almost two years now.

“There is sexually transmitted poverty, depression, old age, and so on. If you are not married keep yourself pure for three months and see the changes that will come after that,” she explained why they chose to be celibate.

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