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Nicah The Queen denies pregnancy and addresses drama with Dr Ofweneke

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 29th, 2023 2 min read

Nicah The Queen, a well-known Kenyan musician and social media personality, has made a comeback on her Instagram stories after a mysterious absence that left her fans speculating about her well-being and the state of her relationship with her ex-partner, Dr Ofweneke.

Nicah, a mother of two, had been noticeably absent from social media since Dr Ofweneke publicly discussed their breakup on August 30, 2023.

In his revelations, he cited a personal transformation and spiritual guidance that led him to believe that their marriage was not part of God’s plan for him. This revelation ignited a brief drama as Nicah expressed her offense toward his comments.

In a candid interview on Obinna TV YouTube show, Dr Ofweneke said, “We were not perfect for each other… I remember that day that I left I remember God was laughing in my ear. This was not the marriage he had planned for me. She is a good woman, amazing…but she is not the person I planned out for you. So you went with aesthetics while I was going for the calling.”

“I ignored the foundation. Why relationships don’t work out is because we get into relationships with the idea of changing what attracted us to them in the beginning. You get? This is what I like about you, then I want to come in and do a whole interior redecorating. So I want to turn you into what I prefer,” he said.

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However, their breakup was very amicable.

“I loved Nicah so much that I forgot myself, but the day I rediscovered myself is the day I told her ‘Mama, it’s been a good stretch!’ Actually, we were holding hands watching Netflix. We were in the house, the kids were there, my brother and sister,” he said.

The subsequent radio silence from Nicah fueled rumors suggesting that she might be pregnant with her fiancé, DJ Slahver.

However, Nicah has now resurfaced on her Instagram stories to dispel these rumors and clarify her absence.

In her statement, Nicah emphatically denied being pregnant and addressed the reasons for her extended absence.

She explained that she had taken a step back from the public eye to engage in self-reflection and meditation, prioritizing her family and business endeavors during this period.

“I want to set the record straight. I am not pregnant,” Nicah declared. “The reason I’ve been away is that I needed some time to reflect, meditate, and rejuvenate. My focus right now is on my family and my business.”

Nicah and DJ Slahver, her fiancé, have been in a committed relationship for over a year and are parents to children from previous relationships. The couple’s engagement was celebrated by fans and friends alike, marking a new chapter in their lives.

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