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Nicah the Queen: ‘Kuoga na kurudi soko’ is encouraging prostitution

Kenyan gospel singer Nicah the Queen believes that the local slang sentence “form ni kuoga na kurudi soko (the plan is to bathe and go back to the streets)” is a call to prostitution that affects mainly women.

The popular sentence was coined out of a popular move where a heartbroken person is encouraged to metaphorically go and take a shower, dress up and step back out on the streets and start dating new people again like heartbreak never happened to them.

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“Ati form ni kuoga na kurudi soko!? This slang has caused a lot of young girls to sell their bodies and sleep with any man that comes their way!

This slang has caused a lot of relationships and marriages to end just like that!! Form si kuoga na kurudi soko hii ni kufunzwa umalaya! (The plan is not bathing and going back to the streets).

This slang of kuoga na kurudi soko carries too much darkness than one can ever imagine! This slang encourages our young girls to engage in prostitution and dark activities!

Be woke and alert don’t just move with the trend because weeeeh, people have sold their souls to the devil and there’s a move to destroy young girls and women! Ask yourself why is it that only women carry this slang!?

The only person God gave the power to hold a relationship or marriage is a woman! Now the same women are running around ati “form ni kuoga na kurudi soko”

I have said what the Holy Spirit has instructed me to…that’s all! #jesusgurl #achananao,” said Nicah.

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The slang sentence also continues to be popularized by upcoming rapper Diana Marua Bahati in her titular song ‘Narudi Soko’ where she encourages the culture of bathing and going back to the streets.

Nairobi News previously reported that in her song, Diana B dissed several female celebrities who have done this move when their relationships failed.

She hit out at Amber Ray, who has been romantically linked to several men within a short period, rapper Tanasha Donna following her break up with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platinumz which made her one of his several baby mamas across Africa; and Zuchu, a Tanzanian singer and Diamond’s current girlfriend.

Nicah’s dissection of the slang sentence also appeared to shade Diana Bahati.

She is the latest co-host to work with Dr Ofweneke on a dating show where several women appear in the hopes of meeting their Mr Right.

Dr Ofweneke is Nicah’s ex-husband.

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