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Nicah the Queen: Why I chose to be celibate

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen has opened up about being celibate for two years. According to the singer, she and her man DJ Slhaver agreed to keep themselves for marriage.

Speaking on Morning Kiss with Kwamboz show, the mother of two said she wants to fight spirits transmitted sexually.

“Yes I am engaged. We are currently going celibate. Before the decision, it used to go down. There is a lot of spirits involved when people go intimate and that is why I chose to wait,” Nicah said.

“There is sexually transmitted poverty, depression, old age and so on. If you are not married keep yourself pure for three months and see the changes that will come after that,” she further explained.

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During the interview, Nicah also revealed that her new song, Achana Nao was inspired by a recent breakup with her bae Slahver. She said at the time, there was a lot of external pressure from their friends.

“When I wrote this song, Slahver and I were not okay and there was a lot of noise everywhere people giving me all advises to leave him and so on… And after that, I did the song just to tell people to stop involving themselves in people’s relationships,” she explained.

Nicah also touched on the ongoing debate about churches. She said people should walk with what the word says and not what pastors say.

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“Nowadays there are a lot of things are not real. Like selling anointing oil, is not real to me. We pass through times and that is why some of us change churches so don’t judge people with their churches,” she said.

Nicah is part of the cast of the new reality TV series ‘Oh Sister‘ on Maisha Magic. The show gives viewers an inside look into the lives of seven music stars with the new reality series, Oh! Sister.

Also in the cast of show is Millicent Wambui (Milly Wa Jesus), Beatrice Wanjiku (Betty Bayo), Bernice Nduko (Lady Bee), Veronica Mushana (Nicah the Queen) Janet Otieno and Priscilla Maina. The show will also feature the female gospel ministers’ husbands.

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