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Nick Cannon show: Prophet Lovy Longomba defends his ‘rapper look’

Congolese-Kenyan Prophet Lovy Elias Longomba, a former top secular musician who moved permanently to the United States of America where he eventually opened his Revelation Church of Jesus in California, has come out to talk about how people perceive him in terms of his looks and physical appearance.

Speaking to American entertainer Nick Cannon on his ‘Counsel Culture’ show, they discussed whether one’s appearance matters in ministry – given that Prophet Lovy dresses like secular rappers and musicians while on the pulpit.

“I live for God and my family. It’s not really about appearances. If you’re a man of God and you judge people by how they look, you really don’t know God. Because God’s help comes from the most unlikely places. You see, the problem is that people don’t read the Scriptures. This whole chapter is also talking about grooming, it’s talking about how you shouldn’t cut your hair on the side and you know, you shouldn’t cut your beard.

But they forget the context. They just talk about tattoos. They don’t talk about everything else that’s in there because then it challenges them because they don’t understand. It says don’t write on your body or tattoo your body for the dead. These were cultures of people around me who were African. I know that. Jesus didn’t come to save that (tapping his tattoos), he came to save your soul, not your body,” Prophet Lovy said in the interview, which was published on 24 April 2024.

Lovy is often dressed in the latest men’s fashion, sometimes going against the grain of what is expected of religious leaders. In this interview, he wore a sleeveless button-up khaki shirt that matched his capris and designer ankle shoes without socks. His dreadlocks fell down to the middle of his back and several tattoos were visible on both his arms and hands.

He was also spotted wearing an expensive watch and rings on his fingers – similar to how most prolific rappers would accessorise.

He went on to say that he wasn’t going to live his life for people, considering how the community often castigates him for associating with secular entertainers and having a similar appearance to them.

This interview comes days after some of his critics went online and accused him of being a false prophet based on some of his sermons, including telling his congregation that praying too much is a sign of unbelief when the Bible tells Christians to pray without ceasing, denying that sex before marriage is a sin and asking for Bible verses to prove it, and another where the church must realise that God needs its finances.

In early April 2024, Prophet Lovy complained that his ‘heroes of faith’ were tarnishing his name. He accused them of doing so for their own benefit.

“In my few years of serving the Lord Jesus Christ, I have come to understand that even those you look up to, your heroes of faith, including fathers, can quickly try to tarnish you for clicks and likes in this day and age. Still, love and honour them, remembering that they are only human and not above making mistakes. Never repay evil with evil, but let love always lead the way, or you will become like them in your time,” lamented Prophet Lovy.

Prior to his religious ministry, Lovy worked with American musicians such as Iggy Azalea, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, K Michelle and Tinie Tempa, as well as spending time in the studio with a handful of other secular megastars, including Swae Lee.

He has recently resumed his music career and released a gospel song a few days ago.

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