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Nick Mutuma asked KOT this on Kenyan movies… wrong move

Actor Nick Mutuma had to deal with angry Kenyans on Twitter when he asked if anyone was willing to pay a subscription fee to stream Kenyan films.

The actor’s question was based on the popularity of the streaming service Netflix and he asked why Kenyans are waiting for Netflix to buy local productions as opposed to setting up their own local streaming service.

His questioned rubbed KOT the wrong way. They schooled him on the low quality of local productions and why they would never pay to watch.

Some lamented at the recycling of talent, urging producers to give new actors a chance.

Steve Kiboi replied; “Nick, why 900? I’d pay 250 a month for Kenyan creators. I would. But I’d still pay Netflix because the quality of Netflix story tellers is better than what we have, owing to the financial investments and cumulative experience over there.”

Treeza Muhando added; “Sincerely no. Nobody wants to spend close to a thousand bob to watch you and a few others spread over a catalogue of 25 shows. That’s the problem. Recycling the “talent”.”

Frnacis Mbate stated; “No, sell your content on the basis of quality not buy, build Kenya! You can’t blackmail people into patriotic purchases.”

Eng Charles commented; “Some of us don’t watch local channels yet they are free. What makes you think that we’d pay to watch local content yet we don’t watch local content on YouTube?? Make better content then the rest will follow.”

Bendon Murgor wrote; “No, I wouldn’t. 1. Most of Kenyan arts are mainly forced talent 2. Quality is very low for so many 3. Most artists/actors are after money then the rest follows.”

Nyaga Kivuti replied; “There is not enough quality local content to warrant a 900sh monthly subscription.”