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How Nick Mutuma’s ‘support’ to young entrepreneurs gave female admirers wrong ideas

Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma has been forced to clear the air after a photo of him flexing his biceps excited women online.

Mutuma had shared a photo promoting his friend’s business but all his female followers could see were his flexed out biceps.

The actor had to add a disclaimer that his intention was not to show off his well-toned biceps but to show support to small business owners.

Mutuma recently introduced his daughter Dua and her mum Bridget Shighadi to his online followers, prompting a flood of congratulatory messages.

In December he flaunted his abs writing how 2018 he was working on his fitness.

“Pre December body… this whole month has been a cheat meal ? I fell in love with fitness this year, and was able to push my body beyond what I initially thought to be my limit. Excited to keep pushing and see what happens,” he wrote.