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Nick Ndeda confirms vasectomy reports

Media personality Nick Ndeda has confirmed he recently underwent a vasectomy during his relationship with ex-girlfriend Muthoni Gitau.

But Ndeda, a former radio presenter at Kiss FM, was also quick to clarify that it was a decision that was not in any influenced by Gitau.

“One final thing on this matter,” he posted in a series of tweets.

“I did not get a vasectomy for her. I did that for me because I also do not want kids. Any other questions, not up for debate or discussion.”

Vasectomy is a minor surgery that men procure to bar them from siring children.

In a Youtube video produced sometime back, the two ex-lovers indicated they do not wish to have children.

Ndeda stressed he made the decision not to have babies when he was still a teenager.

He further adds that he’s already spoken to his mother about it, urging her to ‘not expect grandchildren from him’.

Ndeda and Muthoni announced, via a video on Youtube that they were walking separate ways earlier this week.

The two explained that it was the ‘best’ decision, and attributed it to ‘external factors’ and the need to ‘evalaute what we want moving forward’.