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Nick Ndeda loving his womanizing character on TV

By Sinda Matiko September 20th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan actor Nick Ndeda is basking in the excitement of his character’s evolution in the newly premiered season of Showmax’s hit drama series, “Second Family.”

The series, which returned to screens this week, promises a fresh take on the characters viewers have come to love.

Ndeda, who portrays the enigmatic Tehi, shared his enthusiasm for his character’s changes since the first season.

He explained, “Tehi is getting more screen time this season. And forget about the drinking and womanizing rich kid from Season 1; he has morphed into a character I also didn’t see coming. I love that my character undergoes such a radical transformation from being this cliché spoiled brat into a crafty, cunning character. It’s a lot of fun to play because of the range of emotions and physical capabilities that I get to experiment with as an actor.”

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The first season of “Second Family” introduced viewers to a gripping narrative filled with power struggles, boardroom politics, family strife, and all the chaos that ensued after the untimely death of a prominent milling empire patriarch portrayed by veteran actor Ian Mbugua.

In season one, the lives of the Gatehi-Lang’ats, the central family in the series, unraveled as they uncovered the secrets left behind by the deceased patriarch. These revelations included the existence of a second family, the naming of his illegitimate daughter as the heir to his company, and the financial challenges caused by his past mismanagement.

Season 2 continues to feature a talented ensemble cast from the previous season, including Dora Nyaboke, who skillfully portrays the ever-calculating Evangeline with an evil streak that rivals even the devil’s.

Evangeline, with her sights set on proving her cunning capabilities, is unapologetically focused on those who threaten her ambitions. Nyaboke, who breathes life into the character, remarked, “She intends to make it quick and painful.”

The returning stars for this season also include Vanessa Okeyo, Stephanie Muchiri, Serah Wanjiru, Lewis Leshan, Florence Nduta, Derek Bbanga, Joyce Musoke, Sheila Ndanu, and Mary Mwikali, promising viewers a captivating and emotionally charged journey into the world of “Second Family.”

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