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Nigerian footballer arrested in Uganda for abducting three female students

Ugandan police have detained a Nigerian footballer accused of holding three female university students hostage for 10 hours.

This incident was confirmed by Police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

The police boss said John Odemwangu, who plays for KCCA FC, invited his Ugandan girlfriend who he met a week earlier to his home in Nakawa, a Kampala suburb.

She reportedly showed up at the player’s place with two female friends and asked to leave at around 9pm.

Bu the player is reported to have insisted that they stay around.

This led to a misunderstanding and the player reportedly confiscated their mobile phones at around 10pm, locked them inside the house and left.

“We arrested him on charges of unlawful confinement. These are University students. For 10 hours, these three girls found themselves in a very vulnerable situation that anything could have happened to them. We managed to arrest the suspect,” said Enaga.

Police have also cautioned young adults to be careful, saying the dating landscape has changed and ‘anything’ can happen on a date.