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Nigerian man arrested over frequent burglaries in Kileleshwa

Police officers in Nairobi have detained a Nigerian national believed to be leading a criminal gang that has been terrorising Kileleshwa residents.

The man was trailed by detectives to Kileleshwa where he was arrested at an entertainment joint on Friday.

Police officers recovered a firearm and eight rounds of ammunition from the suspect.

Kilimani Police chief Peter Katam, while confirming the arrest, said the man is being questioned to reveal members of his gang.

“We believe he is part of the gang behind carjacking of vehicles in this area and mostly targeting foreigners who reside in this area,” Mr Katam told Nairobi News.

According to Mr Katam, the Nigerian will also be investigated to determine whether he is in the country legally.

He will be arraigned in court on Monday.

Police have previously unearthed gangs led by foreigners that operate in upmarket neighbourhoods. In January, a Sudanese national was arrested after masterminding several kidnappings in Nairobi targeting foreign businessmen.

Haisam Elmkashfi was accused of leading a network that used to get intelligence from the victims’ countries before executing well-coordinated abductions.

The gang would then hold their victims hostage while demanding for ransom from their relatives.