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Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage reacts to sex tape

Nigerian music star Tiwa Savage says she won’t pay a single dime to her blackmailers over her leaked sex tape.

Savage who still has a grudge to settle with Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani, says she is currently being extorted by an unknown person over a sex tape between her and her current partner.

The ace made the revelation during an interview with American radio host Angie Martinez.

The singer told Martinez that the person who contacted her threatened to release the tape on Thursday (October 7) at midnight if she did not pay them the bitcoin amount they were demanding.

However, the mother of one made the decision not to pay against the will of her manager.

“Yesterday I was leaving a radio station and I was in my car when my road manager sent me a message. I checked it and there was a video. I asked him where he got it from and he said he received it 20 minutes earlier. The video was sent to him and it is a tape of me and the person I am dating right now.” Tiwa revealed.

After analyzing the tape, Tiwa got back to her manager and asked him what they should do, and he advised that they pay the blackmailers.

“The person is asking for money now. I decided I was not going to pay the person because if I do, two months from now, three months down the line, or even two years later, you are going to come back again. Who knows if I send the money the person will probably release it. I am not going to let anyone blackmail me for doing something natural.” Tiwa added.

Tiwa also added that the ‘regular’ guy she is dating at the moment is going crazy because he feels she is the one who will be more affected.

“He is more concerned about me because he knows that I am going to be more affected by my mother and my son having to see it. I am going to talk to my son about it.”

The singer further revealed how the sex tape came to be, saying that her partner posted the video accidentally on Snapchat but quickly deleted it. However, someone got it before he could delete it.
“It’s a very short video but it’s me.”

This latest development comes just five months after Tiwa reignited her beef with Victoria Kimani that has now lasted for two years.

Tiwa and Kimani haven’t been on good terms with each other since 2019 with the Kenyan singer claiming the Nigerian has always tried to block her progress.

Kimani released a diss-track song where she accused the African Bad girl of blocking her from getting shows.