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Nigerian woman arrested at JKIA with drugs concealed in milk and in stomach

Police arrested a Nigerian national at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Sunday on suspicion of trafficking in narcotics.

Princess Okoye, 25, was intercepted as she prepared to board a flight destined for Italy.

According to Police, the woman had concealed the drugs in plastic bottles containing milk.

The woman was carrying 77 Pellets of suspected narcotics and later emitted an additional 15 pellets which she had swallowed.

She remains under observation as investigations continue.

Her arrest comes just months after three foreigners on transit to China and India were arrested at JKIA in November on suspicion of trafficking in narcotics.

The police said one of the foreigners, a Tanzanian national, identified as Msafiri Musa, had concealed pellets of an undisclosed type of drug in his rectum to avoid detection.

Police added that the Tanzanian drug trafficker also emitted 69 Pellets which he had swallowed.