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Nigerians charged with causing disturbance in Nairobi

Two Nigerian nationals are in trouble for causing a scene at their neighbour’s home in Nairobi.

Awe Olasunkanmi was charged with issuing death threats while his companion Ola Waliu Opeyemi is accused of creating a disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace.

Olasunkanmi is accused of threatening to kill Italian national James MCWaters while Opeyemi is accused of disturbing MCWaters’s wife Angela Nakiru.

Charges against Olasunkanmi read that he uttered words “tell that white man if he doesn’t stop reporting us to the security guards I will kill him, I know what to do with him.”

Opeyemi is accused of bitterly shouting “tell that white man to stop reporting us to security” to Ms Nakiru.

The two had gone to MCWaters’ house but they only found his wife as he was away.

The Italian had reported to security guards that there was noise coming from the two suspects’ house who live in the same block of apartments.

The suspects allegedly made the utterances to his wife.

They denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Derrick Kutto.

They will be remanded for two days to allow the police to verify their travel documents.